Choosing a Locksmith – What You Need To Know!

What would life be without locksmiths? This is a question that has been asked often. To be honest , life would be unbearable! Who would grant us access to our cars or premises whenever we are faced with a disappointing lockout? Who would repair or replace our door locks whenever need arises. Who would install the high-end CCTVs, alarm systems, and access systems in our business premises? Locksmiths are professionals we cannot afford to ignore in the 21st century.

With the rise of the number of locksmith companies in the modern market, choosing the best has become more difficult than climbing a tree from the top. However, there are some essential qualities that you should consider when you are out and about looking for a locksmith who will offer you with the quality services you desire.  They include:


A locksmith should have all the qualities of a profession, which include;

  • Membership to professional bodies
  • Adherence to a well-laid out code of conduct
  • Quality formal education or training in the field
  • Honesty, integrity, and accountability in service and,
  • Putting interest of the clients before self-interests

Before you sign a contract with a locksmith, make sure that it displays high-level of professionalism. Request for a documented proof that the locksmith is a member of at least one professional body, which ensures adherence of a code of conduct and offers consistent training to the technicians. This will go a long way in ensuring you get the best services available in the modern market.


The reputation of a company is one attribute that determines the kind of service it can offer. For a locksmith company, reputation is earned through excellent customer experiences, quality products and services, competitive pricing strategies, reliability, promptness and an array of other factors attributed to it.

You can determine the reputation of a locksmith through

  • Customer reviews
  • Expert reviews
  • The number of years of diligent service delivery
  • The reputation of the institution the proprietor got certification from
  • The number of referrals you get from friends and family


Today, there are thousands of locksmith companies in the market. All of them promise heaven to the ever-growing client population, hence it becomes to distinguish legitimate and illegitimate ones. However, a licensed locksmith is one who does business in accordance with the low. By being licensed, it simply means it can be difficult for him/her to scam unsuspecting clients. This is the reason why you should always ask for proof of licensing before signing any contract with the locksmith of your choice.

An insured and bonded locksmith guarantees you that you are protected whenever work is going on in your premises. This ensures that you do not incur unexpected expenses whenever an accident happens in your compound, and you do not spend your hard-earned money to replace items that get damaged in the course of a locksmith’s duties in your home.


Lock problems occur promptly. They are unplanned for. Think of the following scenarios, you get out of the office, rush to the parking lot only to find out that you have misplaced the car keys, you are locked out. You get home after a long and boring day only to realize that your home has been burglarized. For a fact, these situations can never be anticipated. This is why you need a locksmith who will always be there whenever you call. A locksmith who can come to your home at the middle of the night and grant you access to your home. A good locksmith should be available for duty call 24 hours day, and 7 days a week.


An excellent locksmith should always be present when needed. Whenever you call, a great locksmith is one who says, “Take a deep breath and relax. Our technicians will be there in a few minutes.” A locksmith should not give no for an answer. He/she should be there 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week to help solve all lock problems, whether simple or complex.

A highly reliable locksmith will always be your best friend. Before settling one, ask yourself;

  • Can I rely on the locksmith for emergency services?
  • When I have a lock problems that need to be fixed during holidays, can I rely on this locksmith?
  • Can the locksmith come to my aid at night?
  • Can I rely on the locksmith for quality products and services?

Reliability means that a locksmith can be able to provide any type of service, in any location, and at any given time without complaining.


Imagine calling a locksmith and the person on the other end is rude, or does not provide you with the information you need. How does it feel? A good locksmith should invest in training or his/her employees on efficient interpersonal skills and customer relations techniques. This will create an environment in which customer satisfaction is at its maximum, which results to automatic business success and solid reputation.


No professional locksmith will ever charge you for ghost services. After you report the problem, the locksmith will visit the site, do an analysis of the problem, explain to you the nature of the problem, the type off work needed, and the skill required. He/she will then give you a free quote of the estimated price you will be expected to pay at the end of the service. After the agreement, you will not pay any other hidden or unexpected charges.


For most of us, a locksmith is a person who grants access to our premises once we are locked out. What many people don’t know is that there are a wide range of other crucial services offered by as locksmith. It is however important for you to request a locksmith you choose for all your lock solutions to provide documented proof of certification, accreditation, license, and insurance.

An ideal locksmith should offer the following services;

  • Commercial/industrial locksmith
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Car/automotive locksmith
  • 24-hour locksmith


There are a broad array of things that you think about when you run your business empire. However, its security should always be at the top of your list of priorities. Just as you protect your home, it is equally important to protect your business. However, it is nearly impossible to secure your commercial premises on your own. You need to seek the services of a reliable, professional, experienced, and reputable commercial locksmith. The following are the major services he/she should be able to provide for you;

CCTV repair and installation

Being the most effective way to secure a business, the commercial locksmith of your choice should be able to provide you with cutting-edge CCTV repair and installation services. unlike the traditional CCTVs which you head to go through hours of boring film in order to get a single scene, the locksmith should be able to provide you with modern ones in which all you need to do is click the exact time a scene happened and there you have it! He/she should also be able to offer you with devices that will enable you to remotely monitor your business from wherever you are across the world.

Access control systems

As a boss, you need to control access to various parts of your business premises. For this reason, you need a commercial locksmith who should be able to provide you with state-of-the-art access control systems. This will help you know who has access to where, and know who should take responsibility if a security bleach happens in a certain section within the premises.

A good commercial locksmith will also provide Access Control Systems that are capable of recording who gets in, and out of your business premises.

Security deadlocks

If a burglary happens in your business premises, the first thing your insurance company will check is whether there are security deadlocks installed on your doors and gates. If it finds that there are none, compensating you for the loss can be a vicious cycle. A great commercial locksmith should therefore be able to install reliable and strong security deadlocks to help in enhancing security, and make it easy for your insurance company to compensate where necessary.

Master key systems and high security locks

Master key systems ensure that only the people with keys access certain areas in your business. This ensures that they are responsible for whatever happens in those sections. A good locksmith should therefore offer you with a myriad of master key, keyed alike locks, and restricted key systems whenever need arises.

A commercial locksmith should also provide the following services

  • Mailboxes change out
  • Commercial buildings lockout
  • Unlocking file cabinets
  • Reprogramming and servicing of digital locks
  • Safe lockout and repair
  • Cutting of rusty padlocks


You home is undoubtedly one of the most important assets in your life. It is the place where you and your loved ones start and spend all the days, whether good or bad. Protecting it is therefore your duty. A good locksmith will help you in your quest of having the safest home in the neighborhood. He/she should offer the following services.

Residential lockout

Have you ever been locked out of your home? Sometimes, you have a lot of work in in the office. Since you are hardworking and you need to finish it, you decide to burn the midnight oil at work. As soon as you finish, you decide to head home and have some rest. Once you reach at your doorstep, you realize that you have lost your keys! You look around, but there is no one on sight who can offer some help. Who do you call? A reliable residential locksmith is your most trusted companion at such a time. The locksmith of your choice should be able to:

  • Grant you access to your home
  • Repair all the locks that have been damaged
  • Offer you with a new bunch of keys to your locks
  • Replace the locks if the need arises
  • Offer prompt lock repair and installation services

Rekeying locks

Lock problems occur suddenly, hence incurring unexpected expenses. Sometimes, you are forced to break your bank in order to replace all the locks in your house.  However, there are other cheap lock solutions that ensure your home is secure, such as rekeying. A good residential locksmith should be able to provide this service quickly as soon as you need it. Rekeying is one way that ensures you are secure, while at the same time helps you save a substantial amount of money that you could have spent buying new locks.

Home alarm systems and smart lock systems

Taking charge of your home’s security is essential. Despite the fact that the primary role of your government is to ensure your security as a citizen, taking steps to ensure that you are safe in your vicinity is the wisest decision you could ever make. Today, people are installing high-end smart lock and alarm systems that have efficient remote-control technology. This means that you can control them from wherever you are across the continents. An excellent residential locksmith of your choice should have the equipment, products, and skill needed to install this important systems in your ultra-modern home.

An excellent residential locksmith should also offer the following services

  • Residential safe lockouts
  • Door hardware supply and installation
  • Wind locks repair/replacement and,
  • Broken key extraction


If you own a car, you probably experience lock problems more often, than you do in your home or business premises, right? This is the reason why a good locksmith should be able to provide auto locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The following are the main services a car locksmith should deliver to clients;

  • Repair and/or replacement of ignition switches
  • Car key extraction
  • Car key cutting services
  • Ignition cylinder repair and replacement
  • Rekeying ignition
  • Transponder keys reprogramming
  • Replacement or duplication of car keys and;


An excellent locksmith is one who treats your lock problems as an emergency. Being locked out of your home, office, or car is something that can’t wait. You need to gain access as soon as possible. The locksmith should be able to respond faster than a fire engine regardless of the time of the day, or the day of the week.

If your home has been burglarized, you need your locks to be repaired as soon as now. You cannot afford to wait an extra minute because your security is vandalized at that moment. A good locksmith is one who responds to your needs at lightning speed, and shows he/she has your urgent needs at heart.


Today, life could be unbearable without locksmiths. They not only grant us access to our offices, cars, or homes when we are locked out or in, but they also give us new keys when we misplace or lose ours, repair locks when criminals attack, and they help a great deal in protecting our commercial and residential premises. The role of locksmiths in the 21st century cannot be underestimated at all cost. What would life be like without them?

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