The Common Types of Locks

Whether you are up for a renovation or building your new home, having new set of locks makes the project complete. Shopping for locks requires you to understand the different types. Your main door locks should be different from the locks you need at the backdoor and for your bedrooms. Cabinet locks are also different as the cabinet doors don’t need the knobs that are installed on your doors.

For a more high-end and high-security conscious person, electronic entries and alarm systems are valued a lot. They types of locks are known to be keyless and could come more expensive than the traditional ones. Whatever your choices are, all entails you to have the knowledge and idea about each of their uses and functions before you buy.

Locksmith Atlanta discusses about these different and common types of locks.

Most Common Types of Locks

When you are lock shopping, should you buy a knob lock? A deadbolt? A patio door lock? a lever lock? Or go completely electronic and keyless? Choose the best lock for your needs by first understanding how each type of lock works. Following are the most common types of locks:

Knob Locks

Knob locks have a knob handle on both sides of the door. One side has a keyhole, while the other side has a turn button lock. The lock cylinder is inside the lock and not inside the door. Knob locks are used with success for interior doors, but are not recommended for exterior doors unless it is a modified version, or simple passage knob, that includes a deadbolt lock, because they can easily be jarred loose with a tool as basic as a hammer.


A deadbolt provides extra security by adding a metal bolt that slides into the door jamb. The bolt turns by a latch or a keyhole. Deadbolts are common, extremely effective, and cost effective in securing external doors. Though, they may also be used well for locking cabinet drawers or doors. There are several types of deadbolts. They typically are available in two types – single cylinder or double cylinder. A single cylinder requires one key. A double cylinder requires a key no matter which side of the door you are locking or unlocking. The strike plate, the rectangular metal piece in the door frame, helps to keep the bolt secure and keeps it from ripping through the frame.

  • Single – A single deadbolt has a keyhole on the outside of the door and an affixed thumb turn on the inside.

  • Double – A double deadbolt has a key cylinder on both sides of the door instead of a thumb turn on one side.

  • Captive – A captive deadbolt is a double deadbolt that has a key which looks like a thumb turn hidden on the inside.

  • Jimmy Proof – A jimmy-proof deadbolt is a surface mount lock that works well with double doors. The deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket, which makes it almost impossible to pry apart or to remove from the outside.

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All the locks you must choose for your new doors should also be new. The choice of locks is one of the relying factors for home security. You are not just making your stuff secure but mainly your family!

Here is an excerpt from the Locksmith Alley Blog on the concern.

Security is a major portion of an individual’s day to day lifestyle, whether or not you’re resting at home, operating in the workplace as well as generating your vehicle on the freeway. Having a dependable protection system in your home is required in arrangement to have your family and assets safe.

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